(a variation of the lauded “YO” that I picked up
while living in the Bronx).

I work. A lot. Long hours.
In the pursuit of God-knows-what. Definitely not fame. Passion I guess. Or maybe it’s the continual pursuit of the unattainable. Unfulfilled?
Nah. Complacent? Hell no. 

For some 10 years or so, this “desire” has landed me at places like Wieden+Kennedy, Cashmere Agency, Droga5, Vans, and Translation|
where I curretly reside as a Sr. Art Director.

I make stuff. Creative stuff. Stuff for brands like Google, Nike,  Jay-Z’s Reform Alliance, KitKat, and
Chase Bank. Oh, and occasionally stuff for myself (to keep me sane).

This stuff has yielded me a few pats-on-the-back of sorts, from Clios, Cannes, One Show Pencil's and D&AD. Its cool, I guess? Honeslty (for me) it's about the work  and the concentrated effort of delving into a picture and making a new one. 

Here's some of it...